USB Thumb Drive

Bruce Cran bruce at
Wed Dec 1 17:00:13 UTC 2010

On Wed, 1 Dec 2010 11:47:26 -0500
Chris Brennan <xaero at> wrote:
> [root at BlackDragon [~]# kldload ntfs (just so I can read from the
> device and copy what I wanted off it)
> [root at BlackDragon [~]# mount -t ntfs /dev/da0 /mnt/thumb
> mount_ntfs: /dev/da0: Invalid argument

I think Windows defaults to FAT32 on removable drives, so you might
need to use '-t msdosfs' instead. In newer versions of Windows you can
also format disks using exFAT which I don't believe is supported in
the open source world yet.

Bruce Cran

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