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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Sun Aug 29 18:02:40 UTC 2010

On 29/08/2010 15:37:51, Felipe Agnelli Barbosa wrote:
> I am wanting to mount a mirror, to place repositories of debian / ubuntu,
> because many machines in my company update the repositories and doing so
> will improve the process performance.
> However, I do this in FreeBSD (with spegla, ftpmirror ...), and was
> wondering if it is possible, if not I will take issue with that.
> I'm new here on the list, so excuse me if the correct place to ask that is
> not here.
> Grateful for the cooperation,

Sure, this is certainly possible with FreeBSD.  You can run a FTP mirror
on it quite happily.  That's the sort of thing that would work pretty
well on any unixoid system to be frank, so your choice of FreeBSD might
need justifying by some external criterion: "FreeBSD runs ZFS", "We get
better network performance with FreeBSD" or even "I'm the sysadmin
around here, and I like FreeBSD, so nyer."

Check the ports for ftp mirroring programs.  Both the ones you mention
are available.

Another approach is to use a caching proxy -- squid will do this for ftp
URLs, as will apache (using mod_proxy).  You can even be completely evil
and set it up as a transparent proxy with a little work.  The advantage
of using a caching proxy is that over time it will pretty much auto-tune
itself to contain the distfiles your users are interested in without
your having to have any prior knowledge.



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