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Sun Aug 29 06:58:17 UTC 2010

On 29/08/2010 04:10:24, Indexer wrote:
> subnet6 fe80:1::216:e6ff:fe7f:972e/128 {

That's your problem.

That's a link-local address.  It should be your network address -- which
I think is probably 2001:44b8:7988:c60::/64

For testing purposes, I'd also take out the host {} block giving
mai a fixed address.  Once mai is picking up an address successfully,
then try again with the fixed address stuff.

Finally, you do know about SLAAC? (StateLess Address AutoConfiguration)
An IPv6 machine can automatically pick up the local network prefix and
create itself an address from that range by combining it with its MAC
address.  To enable, you simply need to run rtadvd on your server, and
rtsold on your client.  It only deals with IP address and default
gateway -- other things you'll have to either configure manually, or use
DHCP for, or even set up Bonjour/Avahi.



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