Problems with upgrade - lost partition

Peter Boosten peter at
Fri Aug 27 09:45:36 UTC 2010


I recently updated a machine (running on VMWare) from 7.2 to 8.1.

This machine has two (virtual) disks. While the upgrade went rather
smooth ('make buildworld, make buildkernel, make installkernel, reboot
into single user, mergemaster -p, make installworld, mergemaster,
reboot), I lost the partition on the second harddrive.

So after reboot, the machine went directly in single user mode, because
my /dev/ad1s1a was gone. The only devices in /dev where ad1 (the disk)
and ad1s1 (the slice).

Since I had a backup this didn't seem to be such a problem, however
recreating the slice was.

The only way I could get rid of that slice was through the gpart utility
(sysinstall wouldn't help me at all):

gpart delete ad1s1
gpart destroy ad1

After that sysinstall worked again. Is there any way around this (and
preferably rescue the partition somehow, since I have more machines to
upgrade, and while backups are there, restoring creates an additional
delay in the whole process).

Also, the numbering of the NICs changed from le0 to le1, which isn't
that a big problem, but rather annoying.

Thanks in advance.


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