installing FreeBSD in VMWare-player (was: running FreeBSD on Windows host)

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Fri Aug 27 07:24:16 UTC 2010

El día Tuesday, August 24, 2010 a las 01:10:00PM +0300, Manolis Kiagias escribió:

> > I have produced three dumps: from the /, /var and /usr file system. The
> > man page of restore(8) reads about creating pristine file system, made
> > by newfs(8). Later, in the VM environment, I'd like to have only one big
> > file system... Is it possible to restore the tree dumps into one big
> > file system or do I have to rebuild the same slicing as I now have?
> >   
> You won't have to rebuild the slicing. Just create the relevant
> directories in your big file system, cd into them and use restore.

Will it be a problem having the kernel /boot/* in this case far away from
the beginning of the partition?

I did some 1st tests with installing FreeBSD into a VM.

I grabed some other laptop which runs already Win7 and installed a
VMWare-player in it to do some tests. Of course the VMWare-player was
not able to boot from a prepared USB key. A workaround was a boot from
some ISO image of a "boot manger" (I used from which allows you to choose the USB storage as boot 
device after 1st stage boot.

The system comes up fine from the USB key and I created a 160 GByte
slice with the standard procedure like:

    # fdisk -I /dev/ad0
    # fdisk -B /dev/ad0
    # bsdlabel -w ad0s1 auto
    # bsdlabel -B ad0s1
    edit the disk label and change partition "a" from "unused" to "4.2BSD"
    as partition type:
    # setenv EDITOR /usr/bin/vi
    # bsdlabel -e ad0s1
    create the future root-filesystem on it and mount it to /mnt for the
    # newfs -m 0 -o space /dev/ad0s1a
    # mount /dev/ad0s1a /mnt 
    install freebsd into /mnt; this assumes that you have the kernel and
    userland in /usr/src and /usr/obj ready to be installed;

    # cd /usr/src
    # make installworld DESTDIR=/mnt

The 'make installworld' failed with errors in the Makefiles (...); for
example the file /usr/src/lib/libc/uuid/ had a line like

SRCS+?  uuid_compare.c uuid_create.c uuid_create_nil.c uuid_equal.c \
        uuid_from_string>c uuid_hash.c uuid_is_nil.c uuid_stream.# \

where it should have:

SRCS+=  uuid_compare.c uuid_create.c uuid_create_nil.c uuid_equal.c \
        uuid_from_string.c uuid_hash.c uuid_is_nil.c uuid_stream.c \

(note the ? singn and the # sign), i.e. the content was broken and some
other files were missing in the /usr/src tree of the USB key. I used the
same key last year to install from it the system to my netbook EeePC and
it worked like it should. Since then the USB key was unused and carried
around in the bag of my laptop.

Is it possible that the data gets corrupt on an USB key after some time?
I'm wondering why the system even is intact to be booted from...

Will prepare the key again or just fill in the dumps I have...


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