siefke_listen at web.de siefke_listen at web.de
Fri Aug 27 00:53:32 UTC 2010


i have installed DSPAM in a Jail together with Apache. I do it so
because i want use the webinterface.

Before Postfix send message to the socket /tmp/dspam.sock and that was.
But now it goes not with the jail. I read some Howtos in Internet and i
want it now so realize.

Postfix take the mails and send it to the jailIP:10024 and give it back
over jailIP:10025. So i was think, but it goes not.

Aug 27 02:32:22 silviosiefke postfix/lmtp[48553]: 1D5BF147C9D:
to=<siefke at silviosiefke.dyndns.org>, relay=none, delay=0.05,
delays=0.05/0/0/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to[]:10024: Connection refused)

Postfix i use the follow things:
check_client_access pcre:/etc/postfix/dspam_filter_access

/./   FILTER lmtp:[]:10024

master.cf inet n  -       n       -        -      smtpd
   -o smtpd_authorized_xforward_hosts= > Host > Jail

Home /var/db/dspam
StorageDriver /usr/local/lib/dspam/libhash_drv.so
#TrustedDeliveryAgent ""/usr/sbin/sendmail"
DeliveryPort        10025
DeliveryIdent       localhost
DeliveryProto       SMTP
OnFail error
Trust root
Trust dspam
Trust apache
Trust mail
Trust mailnull
Trust smmsp
Trust daemon
Trust siefke
#Trust nobody
#Trust majordomo
TrainingMode teft
TestConditionalTraining on
Feature whitelist
Algorithm graham burton
PValue bcr
WebStats on
Preference "spamAction=quarantine"
Preference "signatureLocation=headers"  # can be 'message' or 'headers'
Preference "showFactors=off" # changed from on
ServerPort           11124
ServerQueueSize      32
ServerPID /tmp/dspam.pid
ServerMode auto
ServerParameters        "--user filter --deliver=innocent"
ServerDomainSocketPath  "/tmp/dspam.sock"
ServerParameters	"--deliver=innocent -d %u"
ServerIdent     "localhost.localdomain"
ClientPort      10024
HashRecMax		98317
HashAutoExtend	on
HashMaxExtents	0
HashExtentSize	49157
HashPctIncrease	100
HashMaxSeek		10
Notifications	off
PurgeSignatures 14	# Stale signatures
PurgeNeutral	90	# Tokens with neutralish probabilities
PurgeUnused	90	# Unused tokens
PurgeHapaxes	30	# Tokens with less than 5 hits (hapaxes)
PurgeHits1S	15	# Tokens with only 1 spam hit
PurgeHits1I	15	# Tokens with only 1 innocent hit
SystemLog	on
UserLog	on
Opt out
TrackSources spam ham
ParseToHeaders on
ChangeModeOnParse on
ChangeUserOnParse on
ClamAVPort		3310
ClamAVResponse	accept
ProcessorBias on

Has someone a Idea for me? It were really great i try now since 2 Days,
and so much i has read but nothing happen really.


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