8.1 memstick installation

Morgan Wesström freebsd-questions at pp.dyndns.biz
Thu Aug 26 14:46:35 UTC 2010

>> Check my old message on how to do this in FreeBSD 7.2. The same
>> instructions should work for 8.1 too, just change the version references.
>> /Morgan
> Thanks a lot,
> this seems to work. Is there any chance to get this into the faq or
> handbook? It's seems way more usefull to me than a live-CD. Best thing
> would be putting it into sysinstall, but maybe this is not reallistic.
> Best regards,
> Friedemann

You're welcome. I'm not on the FreeBSD developer's team so I can't
answer your questions about the FAQ. There is however a wiki at
freebsd.org and I could ofc provide an article there if the developers
find it useful. Sysinstall is simply put just a frontend to the commands
I use in the guide and you could accomplish the exact same install
thorugh it if you change the default options. But I find it much easier
to do this basic install manually instead of navigating through several
pages of menus. :-)


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