serious (for me) Xorg 7.5 mouse/kbd problem in 8.1-STABLE

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Aug 26 13:32:57 UTC 2010

On Thu, 26 Aug 2010, William Bulley wrote:
> In my use of open-motif, I use and depend on mouse focus.
> Nothing has changed.  When I run open-motif, I still experience
> the crippling loss of mouse focus when I enter the sequence
> Shift/Btn3Click.
>   Shift   <Btn3Click>     window          f.minimize
> Since TWM works and the xterms therein also work just fine, I
> doubt that xterm is at fault.  I also hold open-motif blameless
> since it has not changed in years.  I think something in Xorg
> or one of its support modules is not properly registering the
> Shift/Btn3Click event to the xorg-server, or that xorg-server
> has changed so that this particular event causes my pointer
> focus to disappear.
> Unfortunately, I don't know how to track down this bug or to
> narrow the search for what changed.  I was hoping someone in
> FreeBSD-land would have some suggestions.  I have heard that
> contacting the Xorg developers may not result in a timely
> resolution.  I greatly appreciate the comments on -questions
> to date.  Thanks guys.

It's worth checking with the open-motif port maintainer.  Also worth 
posting on the xorg mailing list.

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