Could your next event land you in court?

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Wed Aug 25 21:19:10 UTC 2010

Your activities as an event/exhibit manager bring you in contact with potential legal issues every day. 

Now you can learn how to identify common pitfalls in contracts, intellectual property, copyrights, injury liability, labor laws, insurance, and more - with the new online learning session from EXHIBITOR eTrak:

Exhibiting and the Law: What You Need to Know
Tuesday, Sept. 7,  1p.m. CT

Session details at:$date=9-7-2010


More EXHIBITOR eTrak Online Sessions:

Integrated Marketing Communications
Thursday, Sept. 9

Direct mail? Contests? Giveaways? Social media? How will you promote your company's presence at your next event? Watch your results skyrocket when you integrate multiple promotional tools into a cohesive package, based on your audience and objectives. Learn to create powerful promotions by leveraging multiple communication mediums!$date=9-9-2010

Advanced Learning Session: Managing in a Changing Environment 
Oct. 12, 2010$date=10-12-2010

Successfully Incorporate Celebrities and Entertainment into Your Events 
Oct. 14, 2010$date=10-14-2010

Build Your Measurement Program 
Nov. 16, 2010$date=11-16-2010

Liquor Liability and the Law: What You Need to Know 
Nov. 18, 2010$date=11-18-2010

Big or Small: This Nine-Step Plan Covers it All! 
Dec. 7, 2010$date=12-7-2010

Advanced Learning Session: Measurement - Did the Strategies and Tactics Work? 
Dec. 9, 2010$date=12-9-2010

All EXHIBITOR eTrak sessions qualify for credit towards CTSM certification.

And each session comes with EXHIBITOR's "No-Risk Learning Experience Guarantee." Learn what you came to learn, or your money back.
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Questions?  Contact Wendy Lewis at wlewis at . 

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