chunk 'ad1s4 ;ad1s2 ,ad1s3 does not start on a track boundary : install issue

Mubeesh ali mubeeshalivm at
Wed Aug 25 17:04:08 UTC 2010

Hi ,

I am trying to install freebsd on a acer 5745. I have allocated 50 gb
of free space and i select it for free bsd slice . but in the next
screen i get these error

chunk 'ad1s4 ;ad1s2 ,ad1s3 does not start on a track boundary  and
free bsd defaults to using entire hardisk. the problem is there is
some sort of a 128 mb reserved partition in HDD (as shown from
windows) which i fear shouldnt be formatted (I used entire disk option
last time and system got stuck in bios splash ;had to send the lappy
for service after that; just got the laptop back :-))

Please advise.


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