Opera 10.61 (FreeBSD 8/i386) crash - can't read kernel memory

parv at pair.com parv at pair.com
Tue Aug 24 18:44:06 UTC 2010

Why does Opera 10.61.6430 want to read kernel memory (on FreeBSD
8[.0]-STABLE/i386), leading to eventual death ...

  opera [crash logging]: Can't read kernel memory: : /dev/mem: Permission denied
  opera [crash logging]: CRASH!!
  <no name> got signal SIGSEGV at address 0819DEA6

... while shutting down normally? (Yes, of course, only root:kmem
has read access to /dev/mem.)

Also, is there any way to prevent creation of /var/tmp/crash<datetime>.txt
every time it crashes?

  - parv


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