Free compilation album from legendary songsmith Billy Franks - With an introduction by best selling author, Christopher Brookmyre

Billy Franks euphoria at
Tue Aug 24 09:47:40 UTC 2010


"Penning Classics and garnering praise from Bono, Peter Gabriel & Oasis" THE GUARDIAN

"Songwriting from the top drawer" TIME OUT.

"Imagine McCartney's craftsmanship and Springsteen's power and you'll get the gist" Q MAGAZINE

As it seems I am only really know by famous novelists and rock stars, I thought I might introduce myself by giving awayt a free compilation of 12 of my best songs from 6 albums spanning 2 decades.

To grab your's just email  euphoria at  and you will get the download link.

If ya want to read Christopher Brookmyres introduction, here it is:


It?s the first word that always comes to mind whenever I attempt to describe Billy Franks? music. It refers primarily to an almost excessive feeling of joy, but for me the more important aspect that connects it to these songs is that sense of being consumed by an emotion; that sense of an unstoppable, volcanic, up-rushing of passion, that exhilarating but tantalising feeling you get when you are experiencing something that cannot be expressed in mere language, nor even mere music. 

Anybody can write a song about love. Not anybody can make you feel love, feel loss, feel pain, feel desire, feel ecstasy. Not anybody can make you feel euphoria. Billy Franks can.

Christopher Brookmyre

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