Why is the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack the best?

Depo Catcher depocatcher at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 00:45:09 UTC 2010

On 8/23/2010 11:20 AM, Ed Flecko wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have several networking books (TCP/IP, Network Security, etc., etc.)
> and it seems that several of them discuss TCP/IP in different
> scenarios.
> One of the common discussions of different OSes are their own
> implementations of the TCP/IP stack. Most of the authors seem to agree
> that while different OSes have their pros and cons, most seem to agree
> that in terms of pure, network performance, no OS is better that
> FreeBSD!
> O.K., now you've got my curiosity...
> 1.) Do you agree?
> 2.) What makes the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack so much better and or
> different than other OSes???
> 3.) Are there any good resources (URLs, books, etc.) that highlight
> the differences???
> Thank you,
> Ed

1:   I don't know if I would call it the best without more details or 
some benchmarks.  Also really depends on your criteria for "best" really 
is.  That's a pretty general remark.

The only info I could find are some old ones, but only tests a few 
things network wise:

2: Again, I don't know if it's better; but it's been around awhile and 
has been very stable and robust in my personal experience.

3: Sorry, I couldn't find much on google except what I posted above.

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