8.1 memstick installation

Friedemann Becker friedemann.becker at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 17:59:55 UTC 2010


I have some questions about an installation on a memorystick.

I have (a few weeks still) a very poor internet connection at home
that's unusable for anything beyond email. I tried some hacking on
musescore (yes I know that it can't work, but that's not my problem
for now). Since I don't want to carry missing ports/packages/other
stuff around on a stick everytime I miss something - which takes one
day each - i would like to have a working system (not installation
image) on usb-stick.
Can i use fdimage with the memorystick installation image on windows,
or any hacked versions of it?
And how do turn this stick in a running system?
Or is there any kind of live-stick-images out there, and if it is, how
to move these on the stick (since windows is missing dd and nero
doesn't like burning sticks :-) )

Thanks in advance

Gesendet von meinem Mobilgerät

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