zpool bootfs property

Joshua Isom jrisom at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 16:52:07 UTC 2010

I was just able to change my zfs boot pool to raid0 by resetting the 
bootfs property, adding the slice, and setting it back.  I was able to 
find a webpage talking about importing FreeBSD zfs pools into 
opensolaris and having problems with disk management because of the 
bootfs property.  With the property set, `zpool add ...` prints out 
"root pool can not have multiple vdevs or separate logs" which confused 
me because of FreeBSD supporting booting from raidz drives.  So now I 
wonder, is the bootfs property needed in FreeBSD?  If it needs set for 
at least booting, then will having it set cause headaches when working 
with a raidz pool and a failed drive?  And should the wiki be updated?

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