mountpoint not existent, droping to single user mode

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Sun Aug 22 09:58:21 UTC 2010

On Sun, 22 Aug 2010 11:27:02 +0200, claudiu vasadi <claudiu.vasadi at> wrote:
> ok, so I will make a secondary mount script that would check and mount any
> "non-OS-related" mp's.
> This would include setting all "non-OS" mp's to "noauto" in fstab and
> creating a secondary script to read fstab, check if all is in order and
> finally mount, or exit in error. This way, the OS sticks to it's ideology
> and the "secondary" mp's do not interfere with that ideology in any way.

You can use "lazy man's" /etc/rc.local, or write an rc.d style script,
or simply mount it manually when needed.

For example, I have a second disk for "operated backups", with noauto
in /etc/fstab, which I mount manually on the occassions I want to use
it, so it's kept unmounted when not needed (good for security, good
for my mind). :-)

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