Xorg Problems

parv at pair.com parv at pair.com
Sun Aug 22 06:31:02 UTC 2010

in message <4C70A618.D6D35FFA at blakemfg.com>,
wrote Fred Boatwright thusly...
> The .xinitrc file:
>  xrdb
>  xsetroot -solid gray &
>  xterm -geometry +0-100 &
>  xconsole -geometry -0+0 -fn 5x7 &
> #exec olvwm   #complained about a missing font
>  exec fvwm
> I don't understand why xterm and xconsole are to be started before
> the window manager.

Window manager is started at the end so that when it exits, it takes
all the open programs with it.

If you start the window manager in background too ...

  exec fvwm &

... then all you would see is a flash of window opening (and
subsequently closing) as no program would be there to block exiting
out of X11.

You could start any other program in foreground after starting
window manager ...

  fvwm &
  # Exit this xterm, exit out of X11.
  exec xterm -T 'Die, Die!'

You would need to then exit that program so that open files close,
other programs die, X11 shuts down, and so on, so forth.

  - parv


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