anybody onlist know about KVM stuff?

Gary Kline kline at
Fri Aug 20 21:38:33 UTC 2010

of my three tower cases still linked by wires so i can "click-over"
to each and use my one screen and keyboard, my server
[ethic|] has a bad wire to my keyboard.  so i really
cannot do much on ethic.  

i've crawled down under 8 or 9 times and messed with various wires.
that was extremely hard as fruitless.  (things were|everything WAS)
working fine until i added my battery backup.  the guy who helped me
with that 700-pound beast must have gotten something mixed up.  because
of his age (70's) and fraility i don't want to ask him to crawl around
under there (&c).  the two boxes that are working are impossible for me
to pull out and look at.  hopefully there are a couple freebsd types
who rely on kvm wires to do serious work and can give me some clues.  

tia, guys,


ps: strange but true: if i boot into "3" safe-mode, the keyboard works.
    but then a get a storm of bad interupts on #11.  if it =is= this
	irq=11 storm, then the problem might be bsd related. 

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