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Fri Aug 20 13:24:19 UTC 2010


> MPI is typically dependent on the network not OpenMP.  OpenMP 3.0 can
> be made more scalable if there's tasks built-into the kernel that can
> be cleanly exposed to userland.  (Like OpenSolaris + libtask from
> Moinak is a good example)

If you have a specific set of modifications in mind, then you should
bring them up on freebsd-hackers, for example.  There are active users
of OpenMPI around ( e.g.,

, and I'm sure they would be willing to discuss improvements.

>> 2) HPC ready compiler.. (Sorry guys, but LLVM is just
>> not production ready for this task and is missing Fortran)

Not ready now, perhaps -- but development there is fairly rapid, and
the switch to llvm, if there is to be one, is still some time off.
However, later versions of gcc are in ports, there are some
discussions regarding the revival of the icc port, and there is work
underway to allow users to more easily use alternative compilers and
toolchains for the base system as well as for ports:

>> 3) IB network drivers
>Don't know the status of Infiniband drivers, are there drivers?

There is a port of of the Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution underway:

And there is:

>> 4) Hardware vendor to deliver a complete solution + support
>> (iXsystems?)

Well, that's not up to us. All we can do is port more software and
encourage people to use it.  And "we" includes "you".


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