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Fri Aug 20 04:12:38 UTC 2010

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010 23:58:44 -0400, Derek Schwartz <derekschwartz19 at> wrote:
> hmmm... I've tried the full install... maybe I'll try the boot only
> CD...

Basically, that shouldn't make any difference. I usually use the
full install (1 CD) when building a system from scratch intendedly.
Everything that is not on this CD, I install per FTP right from
the beginning.

But the error message seems to indicate a generic booting problem.
You can also try to use the memstick installation variant if your
system can boot from USB. In this case, you can eliminate CD or
DVD booting problems.

> (hate to sound like an idiot) but how do I connect to the FTP
> site?

That's quite easy, as soon as you're in the sysinstall program:
Choose FTP as source, select a mirror near you, and if not done
yet, your network connection will automatically be initialized,
usually by DHCP, which is a common setting. The sysinstall program
does all that for you.
See 2.13.6 here

And of course:
See box "FTP Installation Modes"

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