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Fri Aug 20 03:12:56 UTC 2010

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On Thu, 19 Aug 2010 22:02:25 -0400, Derek Schwartz <derekschwartz19 at> wrote:
> as soon as a I put the cd in the computer for the first time.

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If the message

	error {0-01}

is displayed as soon as the PC tries to boot from the FreeBSD
CD, this may indicate two reasons: The first reason is a problem
of the PC itself (e. g. BIOS, defective drive) which I will keep
in background for now, as I assume that your PC and CD drive are
okay. Second reson is a defective CD, either by media, or by logic.
Have you made sure that the CD is bootable, e. g. checked with
a second PC or laptop (just booting)? Did you correctly record
the ISO file to the CD?

Again, make sure you did as explained in the handbook:

For example, can you mount the CD on a different system, and does
it show the obvious files and structures? Does a different system
boot from this CD?

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