Forged messages being posted to freebsd-questions

Rod Person rodperson at
Thu Aug 19 13:33:49 UTC 2010

At 08:31 AM 08/19/2010, Ian Smith wrote:
>  > Can someone please take care of this. Its getting to be quite annoying.
>Indeed.  That's because noone had forwarded copies with complete headers
>to postmaster at, who I bet hasn't the spare time to browse a
>fraction of the freebsd lists (let alone -questions :)

Can some explain to me or know what criteria is used to determine 
when a posting to the lists need moderation?
I have read post in the past that say the list is not moderated or 
comments such as above.

But, then I try to post something and I get a "you posting is 
awaiting moderator approval". Then I get a email that
my posting was rejected with comments that state "I don't see what 
this has to do with FreeBSD". But, then we have
these junk mail and forged mail issues, not to mention I see replies 
that go way off topic of FreeBSD.

Just wondering.


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