sendmail, queue intervals and ETRN

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Thu Aug 19 05:58:36 UTC 2010

In the last episode (Aug 18), David Allen said:
> I've had the following setup at home for a number of years:
>    mailhub <----> smarthost <---> intarwebs
> Everything works as intended, of course, but I'd like to change the setup
> to accomodate the mailhub host being powered off at night.  After it's
> restarted in the morning (or whenever), the mailhub should issue an ETRN
> command for any queued mail, and any changes made to the smarthost's
> configuration the night before are undone.
> Is there a simple answer to this?  What I'm after is a solution that
> avoids MAILER DAEMON messages, etc.  as a result of the mailhub host being
> unavailable.

Easiest way would be to raise the warning timeout on your smarthost to be
longer than your expected poweroff duration.

define(`confTO_QUEUEWARN', `1d')dnl

	Dan Nelson
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