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Thu Aug 19 05:16:11 UTC 2010

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010 01:01:08 -0400, Derek Schwartz <derekschwartz19 at> wrote:
> Hey, I'm trying to install the latest release of FreeBSD on my Dell
> Desktop, the computer originally had windows XP, but then the hard
> drive was wiped clean.
> I tried reconfiguring the geometry of the hard drive by using my Linux
> Ubuntu Disk Utility, I changed it to {0-a5} which I heard was for
> FreeBSD, but still no luck.

The easiest way to install FreeBSD is to use *its* installation
utilities. Just make sure that the disk space you want to use
for your FreeBSD installation is free, meaning "not defined to
be any kind of slice or partition of any type, just wiped plain
empty". Then FreeBSD will happily install into this empty disk

In case you want to use the whole disk for FreeBSD, delete all
stuff from it (remove all "primary DOS partitions") and keep
it that way; then start the installation from the CD, DVD or
USB stick.

There usually is no need to employ Linux tools to prepare a
FreeBSD installation.

> I still get the error, "read error, {0-01}"

What program or stage of installation reports that error?

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