well, i guess it's time to ask.....

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Thu Aug 19 01:10:31 UTC 2010

ok guys, 
i have been waiting for [a] a better/faster/more generally useful
computer as well as =mostly= cheaper unit.  i figured i would wait
until fall to ask, but it's close enough.

can i watch a streamed movie on am atom [[[1.6ghz intel]]] chip.
i have trouble on my 2003 dell that has a 2.4ghz cpu.  it has plenty of
ram, disk, etc.  so i've hesitated.   on my 3.0gh thinkpad, streams fly
flawlessly.  So if i buy one of the notebooks with a 7" - 10" screen,
can i use it for things other than a text-to-speech computer?

how thrifty | cheap should i be?  i'd like to buy the optical device
rather than install via one of those stick memory devices.  i have
never used anything but the disc.  i think it is at least two hundred
bux more, but if it is a must, then so be it.  i've looked for am atom
notebook fo r < 200 bux. pretty hard to find, so are there any places i
can trust? 

i saw an A9 tablet with some kind of keyboard that might work as a
speech computer.  this is my real goal, leaving shit and shinola
behind.  but i'm not sure that a tablet would be as useful as a

RESt of the story: i'm using the kde ktt* along with the festival
speech toolkit.  i also have vi/nvi or vim set up with around 125 abbrv
so that people who type slowly can be more efficient.  


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