Can't control laptop's lid... how to debug?

Roland Smith rsmith at
Wed Aug 18 18:09:42 UTC 2010

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 07:24:27PM +0200, Antonio Vieiro wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am unable to control my laptop's lid. Whenever I close the lid the 
> system enters a weird state and I have to reboot.

Are you sure you need to? My laptop automatically switches of the screen when
the lid is closed.

> I've already added
> #Lid switch
> notify 0 {
> match "system" "ACPI";
> match "subsystem" "Lid";
> match "notify" "0x00";
> action "xset dpms force off";
> };
> notify 0 {
> match "system" "ACPI";
> match "subsystem" "Lid";
> match "notify" "0x01";
> action "xset dpms force on";
> };
> to my /etc/devd.conf
> This seemed to work the very first time, but then the system entered a 
> weird state and I couldn't recover it, so I had to reboot.
> Is there any way to debug acpi events so that I can see what's going on 
> without having to reboot?

Set the 'debug.acpi.resume_beep' sysctl(8) to 1 to make the speaker beep on
resume. That can help you debug problems. Setting 'hw.acpi.verbose' might also

Some systems need the sysctl 'hw.acpi.reset_video' set to 1 to get it to
resume properly.

See acpi(4).

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