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On Wed, 18 Aug 2010 12:25:21 +0100
Paul Macdonald <paul at> articulated:

> I'm having some problems with a clamav install and wondered if anyone 
> had any suggestions.
> As of a few days ago i noticed mail was getting rejected with 451
> retry codes.
> Checking the milters this appeared to be clamav, and removing this 
> milter fixed the problem.
> Afterwards, on tryign to fix the issue, i noticed that whilst clamd 
> started ok, it no longer stopped and just endlessly waited for the
> pid.
> I suspect this is related, as freshclam also was unable to notifuy
> clamd of updates.
> I've rebuilt clamav several times, mainly thinking that the first
> issue of why it wouldn;t stop was indictaive of it not responding to
> other requests ( milter , freshclam etc).
> I've moved the mail scanning onto another box, but would dearly like
> it to be working on this particular box.
> Where to start?  Suggestions welcomed!

Perhaps you could try the following - basically nuking clamav

1) Stop Clamav/Freshclam and the milter if it is running.
2) Run: pkg_delete -dfv clamav-0.96.2_1
3) Remove or rename any config files of Clamav and it children. Also,
be sure to delete all of Clamav's definition files.
4) Remove old Clamav log files
5) Insure that any stale 'pid' files are deleted.
6) cd to the clamav port and run "make config"
7) Install the port and modify the Clamav/Freshclam/Clamilter config
files are needed.
8 Either reboot or start manually all of the Clamav programs you
require. (I would recommend the reboot)

Good luck!

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