Fwd: box reboot after hdd write error

claudiu vasadi claudiu.vasadi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 07:27:25 UTC 2010

 How often is it rebooting?

Only after the write failure. If I do read from the disks, everything is

>  If it's just data disks you could unplug them to see if the machine still
> reboots. That would let you know for sure if they really are the problem or
> if it's something else.

I could try that but it will take some time since I am only administering
the box and I have no access to it  (fizicaly)

> Are you sure the power surge didn't affect the power supply?

Yes I am. The other 4 disks are ok and the system has no other symptoms of
any kind

> Also did you do anything to the system after the power surge (like open it
> up for any reason where there may be a loose wire not plugged in all the
> way).


> The last thing I would mention is this could all be a coincidence and it
> might be related to heat, make sure all your fans are working and that there
> isn't any big dust buildup inside (gogo compressed air).
Crossed my mind too. I ran long and short smart test on it and it came up
ok. Temp is ~37 degrees celsius. Like I said, the disks were ok before the
power surge. All the fans are working fine.

Sorry, I forgot to put the list in CC

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