Is there a way to measure how much network traffic particular app generates?

Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina inigoortizdeurbina at
Tue Aug 17 19:55:09 UTC 2010

Its not clear if you require real time stats or not so, I would like
to jump in and join the discussion by suggesting to capture the bulk
traffic, then filtering and dumping to another capture. Then use
wireshark/tshark's built-in stats to get the throughput.

Anyway, I would go down the pf+labels+pfctl+pftop road for pseudo-RT

On 8/17/10, Yuri <yuri at> wrote:
> For example skype, or web browser?
> I know SysGuard in kde4 shows network traffic per interface at
> particular time. But I am interested in per-application stats.
> Yuri
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