Printer Installation

Rem Roberti remegius at
Tue Aug 17 19:18:14 UTC 2010

  Hi all.  I'm having problems installing a printer on a new 8.1 
installation.  I want to do this sans CUPS and via lpd.  lpd is enabled 
in my /etc/rc.conf.  Here is my printcap:


Whenever I try and print, for example...lpr -Pphotosmart 
/etc/printcap...I get this error message: "lpr: Connection refused"  
Now, although I stated that I want to install the printer using lpd, 
CUPS is installed on the computer, but not enabled.  I seem to recall 
that there could be a path problem with lpr if CUPS is installed and one 
tries to use lpd, but I've forgotten how to deal with that, if indeed 
that is the problem.  BTW, I have included ulpt0 as a permission in my 
/etc/fstab file.

Any help much appreciated.


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