enabling the "fn-f7" switch monitor functionality

Alexandr Matveev amatveev at masterhost.ru
Mon Aug 16 14:59:15 UTC 2010

Eitan Adler wrote:
> I have a key which is meant to switch between the built in and an
> external monitor. This key is activated by fn-f7. xev does not report
> any activity when it is pressed.
> How get I run a script when it is pressed? I think this key is
> supposed to report some sort of ACPI event.
> % uname -rms
> FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE i386
> Laptop model is Lenovo G530.


  to your /boot/loader.conf (or compile this module into the kernel)


  notify 0 {
        match "system"          "ACPI";
        match "subsystem"       "IBM";
        match "notify"          "0x07";
        action "/full/path/to/script";

  to /etc/devd.conf

Alexandr Matveev

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