ZFS not usable on FreeBSD-8.1

Dick Hoogendijk dick at nagual.nl
Sat Aug 14 13:13:12 UTC 2010

  I run FreeBSD-8.1/amd64. I have used ZFS for four years on 
(Open)Solaris, so I have some experience with it. It always served me 
very very well. However, I cannot get it to work on my SATA2 drives. At 
first I thought they'de suffer from something from there OpenSolaris ZFS 
mirroring. So, I wiped out the drives completely by writing zero's to them.
Then I created a ZFS zpool on one drive, destroyed it and created a 
mirrored zpool on my 2 Tb drives. It seemed OK; files could be written 
and removed to/from it. A new zfs filesystem worked OK too. *HOWEVER*, 
the moment I *do* something to the zpool like "zpool scrub pool" I get a 
vdev failure (type=vdev.bad_label) and the pool is ruined. It can't be 
destroyed or exported anymore. It's just a waste. I tested this 
behaviour on 10 different drives. Four of them brandnew. It happened 
everytime again.

It is not the drives! Booting into OpenSolaris b134 I am perfectly able 
to create workable ZFS mirrors out of the drives. I can also scrub them 
;-) ;-) or whatever io related thing I want to do.

This leads me to the conclusion that something is definitely wrong with 
ZFS in FreeBSD-8.1/amd64.
For the moment I created some gmirrors on a couple of drives, but man, 
how I'd liked to have zpools.
They work zo much sweater/easier.

Am I alone in these matters? Are there any known issues regarding ZFS. I 
know there are some in FreeBSD-9 (at least I saw some reports on 
vdev.bad_label messages) on nabble.com

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