Favorite terminal software?

Bill Campbell freebsd at celestial.com
Fri Aug 13 22:28:02 UTC 2010

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010, Ed Flecko wrote:
>In the past, I've used TeraTerm Pro with SSH (since it's free and
>seems to work just fine), but I wanted to see if anyone had any other
>recommendations for terminal software they like.
>I'd like it to be free, but if you've got something you really like
>that costs a few bucks, I'm O.K. with that too.

I do the vast majority of my work with ssh and xterm, only using
putty, gnome-terminal, etc. when testing terminal applications.

FWIW, I just did some testing today with the iSSH App on an iPad,
and it works reasonably well connecting to a variety of *nix

I do have clients connecting to FilePro applications using the
PowerTerm program from Ericom, mostly because they want something
that does a good SCO emulation as FilePro's support for xterm is
somewhat poor (which I'm working on now fix the termcap :-).

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