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Introducing EXHIBITOR eTrak online education for trade show and corporate event marketing professionals!

Experience the highest-rated educational sessions from EXHIBITOR2010 and EXHIBITORFastTrak - right from your desk!  Join thousands of industry professionals who benefit from EXHIBITOR's 23-year track record of providing education for high-performance programs.


Exhibiting and the Law: What You Need to Know
Sept. 7, 2010   1:00 pm CT$date=9-7-2010

Integrated Marketing Communications
Sept. 9, 2010   1:00 pm CT$date=9-9-2010

Advanced Learning Session: Managing in a Changing Environment 
Oct. 12, 2010  1:00 pm CT$date=10-12-2010

Successfully Incorporate Celebrities and Entertainment into Your Events 
Oct. 14, 2010   1:00 pm CT$date=10-14-2010

Build Your Measurement Program 
Nov. 16, 2010  1:00 pm CT$date=11-16-2010

Liquor Liability and the Law: What You Need to Know 
Nov. 18, 2010  1:00 pm CT$date=11-18-2010

Big or Small: This Nine-Step Plan Covers it All! 
Dec. 7, 2010   1:00 pm CT$date=12-7-2010

Advanced Learning Session: Measurement - Did the Strategies and Tactics Work? 
Dec. 9, 2010   1:00 pm CT$date=12-9-2010

All EXHIBITOR eTrak sessions qualify for credit towards CTSM certification.

And each session comes with EXHIBITOR's "No-Risk Learning Experience Guarantee." Learn what you came to learn, or your money back.
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