Grepping a list of words

Jack L. Stone jacks at
Thu Aug 12 12:38:59 UTC 2010

At 05:14 PM 8.12.2010 +0530, Ashish SHUKLA wrote:
>Jack L Stone writes:
>> Kindly appreciate help with how to grep (or similar) a list of words to
>> determine if any of them are in a file rather than grepping one word at a
>> time.
>% egrep 'word1|word2|word3|...|wordn' filename.txt
>'word1|word2|word3|...|wordn' is the regular expression, so if you can
>minimize it better for you :).
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Thanks for the replies. This suggestion won't do the job as the list of
words is very long, maybe 50-60. This is why I asked how to place them all
in a file. One reply dealt with using a file with egrep. I'll try that.

Appreciate the help and any others in case the one doesn't work.

All the best,

Happy trails,
Jack L. Stone

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