Anyone client-bridge'ing with ath(4) ?

Brian A. Seklecki (CFI NOC) seklecki at
Thu Aug 12 02:51:43 UTC 2010


   It's a bit hard to track where we stand with this issue.  Is
   anyone having success running client-bridge (wifi0 in client
   mode, briding to wired interfaces)?

   From assorted posts,  I understand ath(4) can't transmit from
   arbitrary source MACs or there's some limitation to the the
   802.11 layer?

   It seems to work as long as the wifi(4) interface is in HostAP
   mode, but I havn't tested it (not looking to do this; well,
   maybe host-bridge-repeater)

   I do this all the time in DD-WRT on crappy Asus SOHO gear
   running Atheros 2xxx and 7xxx chips, so you would think it


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