HPT RocketRaid 2320 mobo support

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Wed Aug 11 21:12:03 UTC 2010

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Is anyone running the HPT RR 2320 controller? What's the Motherboard
that you're running on? 

My ABIT AB9 QuadGT's ethernet support has failed, in fact it did it
months ago. I've been limping along with a Firewire 400 ethernet
connection to another server (with an EVGA 790i Ultra SLI that doesn't
support the RR2320).

I can't afford to power two computers all day long just to keep my large
RAID available on the net for my customers' needs.

Any leads you can provide would be helpful. The AB9 board is no longer
available from any vendor anywhere near my purchase price 2 years ago
($150) and that would be an acceptable solution. If I can find 2 of them
to build my new 12TB (8x2TB RAID 5) system that would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance,
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Not sure about the US v UK on prices but I recently coughed up for 6
1.5TB hard disks for a system, the 2TB disks were almost double the
price for only 500mb more, it did not make good economic sense, granted
that was a few months ago now. Surely a short term solution would be to
get a PCI nic for your existing system. 



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