Bind9.7.1 Package

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Aug 11 14:13:30 UTC 2010

Matthew Seaman writes:
>    # pkg_create -b pkg-config-0.23_1
> pkg-config is an indirect dependency for bind -- it's required by
> security/openssl and textproc/libxml2 either of which bind are optional
> dependencies for dns/bind97.

	Thank you. This put me on the right track. When I used
the full name of the dependency, the command did not work with
the complaint that it could not find the package so I did a
pkg_info and looked for any reference to pkg-config. It turns
out that if one chops off the _1 at the end, it did recover
another package as in
pkg-config-0.23.tbz which appeared in /uar/ports/dns/bind97. I
copied it to the same directory as the other tar balls so
pkg_add should find it also now.


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