How to connect a jail to the web ?

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Wed Aug 11 02:59:52 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Fbsd8" == Fbsd8  <fbsd8 at> writes:

Fbsd8> No. Your jail is assigned it's ip address when you create it. The
Fbsd8> alias gives the jail network access when you start the jail. Both
Fbsd8> ip address must match.

Yup, and if that's a 10.x address, I'm not on the net.  So I have to
route to it somehow.

Fbsd8> Just assign the jail your public ip address when you create it.

I was under the impression that the address had to be distinct, in order
to uniquely identify it.  Are you saying that's not the case?  If so,
the docs on jails are unclear.

Fbsd8> "face the public" is a very large subject, which the answer depends on your
Fbsd8> hardware configuration, registered domain names and static ip
Fbsd8> addresses.

Yes, I'm hoping not to burn a second or third public address for my
jail.  Instead, I just want my jail to have a punch through (port 80,
port 25, etc) from my one public address.  Is there a trick to this
without burning another public address?  Or do I misunderstand (based on
poor docs) how a jail attaches itself to an interface?

Fbsd8> Using jails requires the host system administrator to be well
Fbsd8> trained in networks and how public and private networks
Fbsd8> function. Jail documentation is not going to teach you this.

Now you're just being condescending.  It's fairly likely, almost
certain, that I've been dealing with IP traffic since before you could

What I'm asking for is the specifics of Jails.  I *know* how IP traffic
works, and even what alias does.  What I don't know is FreeBSD's
particulars that make this either hard or easy.  I *do* know about pf,
having administered an OpenBSD box for a number of years.  I'm just new
to jails, and since you're the "expert", you might have a little
patience on that realm, please.

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