chflags(1) unaware utilties

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Tue Aug 10 22:00:04 UTC 2010

Roland Smith <rsmith at> writes:

> On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 05:22:47PM -0400, illoai at wrote:
>> On 9 August 2010 14:00, Alexander Best <arundel at> wrote:
>> > hi there,
>> >
>> > chflags(1) mentions that a few utilities including pax(1) aren't chflags
>> > aware yet. is there a list of all those utilties available somewhere?
> <snip>
>> > in fact the pax(1) manual states that `pax -p e` will "preserve
>> > everything". this is plain wrong!
>> AFIK, pax is a POSIX thing, and as such working
>> correctly or sanely would violate its posix nature.
>> (POSIX is an anagram of "Pox?  Si!")
>> Is cpio chflags-aware?
> To the best of my knowledge the _only_ way to be sure you have backed up _all_
> possible features (flags, extended attributes &c) of a UFS filesystem is to
> use dump(8) & restore(8).

Since when did the thread switch to UFS-specific tools? Unless I'm
missing smth dump(8)/restore(8) don't work on ZFS. You can use bsdtar(1)
in order to save/restore chflags, ACLs and extattrs in a FS-agnostic way.

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