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Tue Aug 10 20:48:10 UTC 2010

On 10/08/2010 18:21:25, Michael Powell wrote:
> A tar.gz is a source code tarball meant to be compiled via the ports system. 
> pkg_add installs precompiled and packaged binary packages. Package files 
> will have a .tbz extension. pkg_add does not operate on source code 
> tarballs.

All pkgs have a .tbz suffix -- true, at least since about 6.0-RELEASE.
Not everything with a .tbz suffix is a FreeBSD pkg though.  .tbz is
short for .tar.bz2, and there are plenty of source tarballs around
distributed with a .tbz extension.

.tgz is similar shorthand for .tar.gz.  If you go and look, you can find
a bunch of other compression programs applied to tar archives and used
for distributing stuff.

The best way to tell if what you're looking at is a FreeBSD package is
to run pkg_info against it:

    pkg_info -a foo-1.0.0.tbz

Of course, having downloaded the pkg from the packages directory tree on
one of the FreeBSD FTP servers is a pretty big hint as well.  As is
finding it in /usr/ports/packages/All.



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