FreeBSD equivalent of Microsoft DFS

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Tue Aug 10 12:34:51 UTC 2010

for all: MS DFS = MS Distributed File system is NOT a FS 

it's a shared directory on a drive  that is replicated via AD mechanism to 1 or more locatations

If setup correctly DFS can have 2 or many more servers, and to replicate it only needs a partner server to replicate with. 

all other servers can be turned off .. its neither a ring or a star shaped network. (not 100% true but makes explaining a lot easier) 


In Freebsd that woud be a CIFS or NFS share that is synced over 1 or more sites (without bandwith control ) 

The only issue if you want to replicate this within Freebsd is how to setup the sync process for more then 3 hosts.

And more specific if 1 file gets edited on to seperate "servers"  and replicated to a 3rd server, what happens then? 

Of course such a write action "when it happens"  is very very small chance.



IF you want to use FreeBSD as a file server for a windows enviroment (with ZFS) you can do 2 things

1) use ZFS and make a ISCSI -disk (istgt port for now) and connect the ISCSI disk to a Virtual server with a windows "server" host 

2) use ZFS + SAMBA, configure samba to use the AD information to give access (Single Sign On) 


The first one is the easiest & fastest way however it will cost you performance compared with the second solution. 

The most difficult is to have samba connecting to a AD enviroment without any alterations on the windows machines/ad 

and kerberos. However SAMBA & AD are reported to have a love hate relation ship working together, and can break 



> Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 15:42:59 -0700
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> Subject: FreeBSD equivalent of Microsoft DFS
> Is there a FreeBSD equivalent to Microsoft DFS, i.e., software that
> will replicate delta level file changes of network shares among
> multiple servers in real time?
> Would that be rsync with just a frequently scheduled cron task?
> Thank you,
> Ed
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