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Tue Aug 10 02:24:13 UTC 2010

>On 8/9/2010 4:14 PM, Robert Huff wrote:
>> Polytropon writes:
>>>   >    I've installed FreeBSD-amd64. It runs very well. The packages I fetch
>>>   >  are amd64 too, but what about the ports I compile myself? Are those
>>>   >  amd64 too?
>>>   Yes, as your compiler infrastructure and target platform
>>>   is amd64, and so is the resulting binary code.
>How does it know your are on amd64?  gcc auto detect of CPU?

As the other person wrote, the base system compiler suite and other
base system utilities are configured and compiled to build and use
"amd64" binaries by default.  There is only limited support for
cross-building:  on amd64, for example, there are some provisions for
building and using 32-bit, "i386" binaries; and the base system
sources have some limited support for cross-building for other
architectures, by setting certain variables in the build environment.
In general, one cannot just build and use any binaries on a given


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