Michael Powell nightrecon at
Mon Aug 9 00:13:03 UTC 2010

Kamil Nowacki wrote:

> installed FreeBSD on VirtualPC but I have a problem with configuring
> Internet dhpc normally gets the ip address and the address of the router
> but when I introduce portsnap fetch HQ to download files I do not want to
> download by failed and when I go back to the configuration of the Internet
> in sysinstall is a ip address and disappears and it is still
> several times reinstalled FreeBSD

I do not know anything about VirtualPC, but I have used VirtualBox for some 
time and if the two are similar enough what works with VBox may also apply, 
with minor variations.

The nominal default install of VirtualBox provides a virtual NAT and DHCP 
services to the guest OS. The virtual network card that it is simulating 
needs to be known, so the correct network card driver can be selected. In 
VirtualBox the default is AMD PCNet FAST III, but one may also select a 
variant of Intel PRo/1000 as well. This is the NIC that the guest OS will be 
using. Since the driver (em) is included already in the default FreeBSD 
kernel a good choice would be the Intel PRO/1000 MT which is simulating an 

In any event, you will need to discover the virtual network card being 
presented to the guest OS. The command dmesg may help. An example based on 
the above Intel adapter would look like this:

In your /etc/rc.conf file place the following:


That is all you need to do. Replace the "em" part with the driver that 
corresponds to the driver required for whichever network interface VirtualPC 
is presenting to the guest OS. For example, a very common Realtek 10/100 
might look like: ifconfig_rl0="DHCP" - rl is the name of the driver needed 
for the Realtek 8139-based family of adapters.

When you boot the guest, it should initialize the adapter via DHCP. What I 
do not know is if VirtualPC is providing these NAT and DHCP services to the 
guest OS in a manner similar to VirtualBox. If it does this info will work.


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