zfs question

Dick Hoogendijk dick at nagual.nl
Sun Aug 8 15:31:33 UTC 2010

  On 8-8-2010 14:27, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Yes. It works very well.
> On amd64 you'll get a pretty reasonable setup out of the box (so to
> speak) which will work fine for most purposes.  Of course, if your
> system has particularly demanding IO patterns, then you may have to
> tweak some loader.conf or sysctl parameters to get the best results.
> But that's hardly unique to ZFS.
Yes, you're quite right. ;-) But now you mention it: my virtual 
installation under virtualbox is i386. So, I guess it's better to 
reinstall, because the server is amd64. I also think that will be better 
in future use of ZFS (needs 64bits to be happy.

Am I right in believing I need the amd64 version (w/ ZFS) above the i386 

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