forwarding ssh

Steven Susbauer steven at
Sun Aug 8 00:27:29 UTC 2010

On 08/07/10 16:23, David Banning wrote:
> I presently am using Putty and X-Win32 and I am connecting to a remote
> machine successfully.
> I now need to connect using SSH over the internet -through- one machine,
> but have my SSH with a second machine on the same site - something like
> so;
> ssh-site1 --(internet)--->  site2-(also>  loc2-(
> I need to bridge the connection from to
> so I've tried in ipnat;

If I hear you right, you're trying to connect to site2 over the 
internet, and also connect to loc2 through the connection on site2.

SSH can create a tunnel itself. You could use something like:
    'ssh -L 2200:loc2:22 user at site2'

This would connect you to a shell on site2. Then on your machine open 
another terminal and type:
'ssh -p 2200 user at localhost' which would connect to loc2 port 22 using 
the connection on site2. If you try to close the connection to site2, it 
won't work since you're still connected to loc2.

ssh also supports forwarding a port on the remote server using -R, but 
I'm led to believe you are trying to limit the connections that get 
through the site2 to loc2 and -L requires you (or someone else) to be on 
local system.

In putty this same feature is configured under Connection > SSH > Tunnels.

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