mercurial port broken?

Chip Camden sterling at
Sat Aug 7 03:46:52 UTC 2010

I just pulled mercurial, and the build nowfails:

for f in bash_completion  convert-repo  dumprevlog  hg-ssh  hgdiff  hgk
logo-droplets.svg  mercurial.el  mergetools.hgrc  mq.el  pylintrc  rewrite-log  sample.hgrc  simplemerge  tcsh_completion  undumprevlog  zsh_completion  git-viz/git-cat-file
git-viz/git-diff-tree  git-viz/git-rev-list  git-viz/git-rev-tree
git-viz/hg-viz  hgsh/Makefile  hgsh/hgsh.c  vim/HGAnnotate.vim
vim/hg-menu.vim  vim/hgcommand.vim  vim/patchreview.txt
vim/patchreview.vim; do  /bin/cp -p
/usr/local/share/mercurial/contrib/${f};  done
cp: /usr/ports/devel/mercurial/work/mercurial-1.6.2/contrib/hgdiff: No
such file or directory
*** Error code 1

Indeed there is no directory:

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