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> Hello,
> Sorry of this is the wrong list but what is the copyright situation for 
> things like man pages? If I want to host a copy of one on the web or 
> something, is there some additional disclaimer I need to add?

As I understand it, most man pages and other FreeBSD documentation is
distributed under the terms of the FreeBSD Documentation License:

Anything that says "GNU" in it (because it's related to GNU software) is
likely to be distributed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation

Some man pages are likely to be distributed under the standard BSD
License.  There may or may not be some stuff distributed under the terms
of the BSD Documentation License, which is actually a derivative of the
FreeBSD Documentation License.  There may be a couple here and there
distributed under other licenses as well.

I'm not anyone officially associated with the documentation project,
though, so don't just take my word for it if you have reason to question
what I've said.

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