looking for a buildable version of OpenOffice.org

Scott Bennett bennett at cs.niu.edu
Thu Aug 5 05:33:56 UTC 2010

     On Wed, 04 Aug 2010 05:27:49 -0400 Michael Powell <nightrecon at hotmail.com>
>Scott Bennett wrote:
>>      I have tried all of the versions of OpenOffice.org that are currently
>> in the ports tree on a 7.3-STABLE system, and all of them fail to build to
>> completion.  Is there somewhere that I can find one that actually works?
>> Or at least some alternative package that will build and work on a FreeBSD
>> 7.3-STABLE system?  No packages appear to be available for these ports.
>> (Transcripts of the failed builds are available on request.)
>>      And what would be available if I were to upgrade my system to
>>      8.1-STABLE? Thanks in advance for any help!
>Might try pre-built packages and see if they might work for you. No 

     As I noted previously, there do not appear to be any packages available
for 7.3, or at least portmaster doesn't find any.

>guarantee they will. Notice there are two directories at the bottom for 8, 
>so probably the rest are for 7.x. Haven't used these in a while so YMMV. 
>Might also be tricky picking out the right file(s) from the clutter. The 
>main app will be about ~147-150MB with a second language pack that is small.
>Don't know exactly how much the newer versions depend on Java. Used to be a 
>lot of the filters were java based and once upon a time some time back I 
>remember this being a source of some 'uh ohs'.
     That is the site that appears in the Makefiles, but again, portmaster
with -P or -PP fails to find any packages for these ports for 7.3.  If you
know of some other site that does have OpenOffice.org packages available,
that would be wonderful.  I seem to recall dimly some discussion on FreeBSD
lists around the time of 7.3-RELEASE to the effect that there were no OOo
packages for that release, though I don't remember the reason(s) why no
packages had been produced.

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