ipfw and changing IP address (dhcp)

Michael mlmichael70 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 19:24:41 UTC 2010


I'm using ipfw on my laptop running 8.1R amd64. IP address of it's 
external interface (wlan0) is assigned by DHCP server on home broadband 
access point.

Everything works fine when access point is up and running but if I boot 
my FreeBSD laptop when access point (DHCP server) is down then obviously 
my laptop gets no IP. ipfw complains that it "cannot get interface name" 
and loads firewall rules anyway.

Now after some time access point becomes available and freebsd gets IP 
address automatically but I still have to manually reload the same ipfw 
ruleset to get internet access.

I am using "me" in all of my firewall rules for example:
$cmd 20010 allow icmp from me to any out via $if_ext keep-state

Is there anything I have forgotten about? Or ipfw simply can't handle 
such situations?


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